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24/7 access to quality healthcare in minutes by phone, video or mobile app with no co-pays and no deductibles

Affordable Healthcare. One Family. One Price.

Medical • Dermatology • Mental Health • Prescriptions • EMRLabs/Bloodwork

Finding Affordable Health Insurance is nearly impossible that's why we created Health Alliance Network.

Here are some examples of health insurance that is nearly impossible to find or is simply not affordable.  Truck Drivers, Servers, School Teachers, Self-Employed, Travelers Insurance, Small Employers and many more that can't get or afford health insurance, even the unemployed can now have affordable healthcare.

One Family, One Price, No Co-pay, No Application and now includes personal EMR and access to order  Labs/Bloodwork with no doctor office visit required.

Simple, Affordable and Convenient Healthcare through Telemedicine and Online Doctor Visits

No special equipment needed. Use your phone, tablet or computer.  Have a doctor with you no matter where you go 24 hours a day in all 50 states.

Talk to a Doctor in Minutes.
Unlimited Visits for a Fixed Monthly Fee
and No Co-Pay

Our Doctors are always in

even at 2:37am

A faster, easier way to see a Doctor

In the privacy of your home, school or office

See a Doctor whenever, wherever

Online Doctor Visits from anywhere.

The Doctor
can see you now.

Who knew it was this easy

Our Healthplan Includes

Unlimited Doctor Visits

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Our Healthplan Includes

Unlimited Dermatology Visits

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Our Healthplan Includes

Behavior Health Counseling

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60 second video

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When it comes to Quality of Care, Numbers Speak for Themselves

It's like a regular doctors visit, only better, faster and more convenient